Maintenance and repair of aviation headset and helmets


Aviation headset standards

Different standards of aviation headset exist in the industry. The different standards are normally not directly interchangeable. It is therefore important to choose a headset type which is compatible with the relevant aircraft intercom system. The following table describes typical aviation industry standards. In some cases it is possible to build adapter harness and install amplifiers to match different standards.


  • Connector types may vary
  • Robinson R22 and R44 have special version headset
  • Airbus airliner headset have a special 5-pin connector
  • FAA/JTSO-C57a & C58a are applicable to crew headset
  • Dynamic microphone will in general give a more clear audio than electret microphone
  • For noisy environment like helicopter cockpits it is recommended to have a noise cancelling microphone
  • ANR (Automatic Noise Reduction) headset will give active noise reduction on lower frequencies
Aviation headset standards